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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
гостиница сианьская колокольня (Bell Tower Hotel Xi'an), гостиница расположена в самом центре города сиань, на востоке у коммерческой улицы, на юге по образцу древней улицы, на западе, по типу светлой улицы, на северном проспекте, рядом с знаменитыми колокольчиками, барабанной башней, стеной минского города, большой храм цин, музей памятников леса и знаменитый рынок ремесел., в результате чего гостиница « чжунлоу» занимает особое географическое положение, перед глазами открываются автобусы, метро и другие объекты общественного транспорта.пассажиры, прибывшие на самолете в сиань, тем более, не стоит беспокоиться. подъездная линия аэропорта Биг - ба - чжунлоу стоит на стоянке гостиницы, так что ваш путь будет только за одним выстрелом.отель является одним из первых в сиане вместе с « Всемирным союзом гостиниц с золотыми ключами», руководствуясь целью деятельности « реальное обслуживание, действительно, качество», получил « золотой ключ сервис алмаз награды», « сердечное обслуживание команды совместной Премии», « 5C качество Премии» и другие почетные звания.номер просторный, просторный, просторный.Здесь вы можете попробовать вкусные блюда со всего мира, кафе « колокольня» предоставляет вам круглосуточное питание по всему миру, а зал - Ваше прекрасное место отдыха.до 18 ч. 00 м. в гостинице есть все необходимое для банкета и конференций, а также для обеспечения качественного конференционного обслуживания.хорошее расположение, хорошее обслуживание, удобное расположение.
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    Very convenient location is away from some affect the rest
  • Anglefeifei
    Best location and easy parking, the old hotel but very clean!
  • bbdolly
    Very good location, facilities were very good!
  • ideagot
    A very good environment and convenient transportation, good service
  • belindayl
    Good location, room was old
  • ruby_yun
    Convenient location to find, clean, service OK, recommended
  • IMAX movie lovers
    Opposite the clock tower, down the road is the Muslim snack Street, very convenient and easy, there are parking lots, good, service or health conditions
  • e01684256
    Strengthening network construction and bathroom basin water. thank you.
  • e01206054
    Location very good, very old, a gap with four stars!
  • Terminal
    Absolutely prime location didn't say infrastructure. the interior decoration and the equipment is too old for a long time, and service was good. want to put into improving it, truly landmark in XI ' an.
  • moon8781
    Hotel services and facilities is a little old, too heavy, and want to improve
  • internet
    Location, convenience, the disadvantage is that small room, soundproofing is poor, all double bed width of only 1.5-meter, price is very low,
  • tongguoxiang
    Location very good, and they gave me a free upgrade to a suite, a lot of foreigners in and out, the room was large, but the decoration is a bit old, no idea of good,
  • cxy22976
    Holiday up to 1000 blocks, closing only 500 or so more. good?
  • royrain1314
    Advantages of hotel location very good, from the Bell Tower, drum tower, Hui Street and very close to the south wall, can be reached on foot. pagoda Shaanxi Provincial Museum can sit in front of the hotel and 26 directly, very convenient. Shortcomings hotel facilities, accommodation, and mind to choose
  • cjbteddy
    The location is very good, the traffic is convenient, hotel facilities, what hardware is not very good, a little too old, is quite good, service OK, overall experience was good, next time will also take into account
  • rrrrr
    Very disappointed, zhiqian travel has been live Tower Hotel. staying of when said, room also no clean good, first release Lee. zhihou on to do has. just night something didn't back live, second days back, found room is Shang a a tenant left to of garbage also has a article women underwear. bathtub in has a hair and footprints. also not know how clean of. call to front desk said to again clean, on out dinner, also not know last to for new sheets has did? I see not like, on BodhicittaA night to frightening. can't hold anymore.
  • min8023
    Hotel in the city center, close to the Bell Tower, drum tower is close by, a North-South axis coherence in a pair of gates, there are many attractions nearby, snack and walking street there are a lot of local flavor snack, hot topic. General hotel facilities, breakfast was rich enough, but still OK. transportation is convenient, there is a metro station in a few minutes.
  • dipyang
    All right
  • longolong
    Nice ... nice!
  • taojin830821
    Which is very nice
  • cmtccwb
    Very good location, in a central location, which is very convenient, obsolete facilities, the room is relatively small, crowded
  • e00136831
    Very good, Super like it, next time will stay
  • lemonyard
    Not to Japan you can died did? can mad? just of news reported, this year national during, China National will has 2850000 people to day tourism, assumes that per person average consumption 5000 Yuan Yuan, so, Japan this days will will received people sent to of 14250000000 Yuan Yuan. Yes, you no see wrong. is 14.25 billion. thought's, people! awakening's, consciousness! rose's, national! love I Chinese, from I do up! howSo no face? don't forget the old and Haggard [fight] [the cross]
  • fuji03553
    Culture and history lays the Bell Tower Hotel's status as a first-class hotel in the city, has a high profile, location, room facilities has not kept up, needs more improvement, air conditioning in the room sound great sleep at night is not available, and hope that next time will be even better!
  • irisjie
    Thinking this is the city centre should be good, results found that good poor. the hotel is too old.
  • miaoxiaolin007
    That's good
  • Orlando
    Not heating, facilities are old and health is very general, not worth the price!
  • atao_5
    To my parents, has lived here, convenient, easy to eat, is renewed every day, the hotel has not been upgraded, because I am not around, so can't ask, old people do not understand, this is not like other human nature and about the hotel, stay 4 days without upgrade!
  • jjlilei
    Hotel location quite good, traffic is convenience, out has Metro mouth is Hotel, but don't turned Halo has, because export many. set of is landscape room, from room on can see Tower, night bright lamp Hou of Tower is spectacular, ornamental effect is good. around is CCP, food, Mall are near. Although equipment old has some, room small has some, but service also is thoughtful. Sparrow, fully, zhiqian live of hotel on didn't so full, this hotel even needle are prepared has... Fair, just because the hotel has a long history, century 890 marks on the infrastructure with an obvious, but in some places or times.
  • sunrose19821025
    A very good environment, good and clean.
  • e00077217
    Location and hotel services, hotel facilities some of the old.
  • blue0949
    Standing on the balcony, clock tower in front of special beauty, flowers, colorful flags fluttering. a hotel taxi and public transport is very convenient, eat around are aligned. Wi-Fi signal very well. two-layer curtain, on a thick layer can completely when you sleep at night. in addition to the room is a little old, overall management, security, and comfort is very good, his flaws. If only when the night hotel where, within 1 km of the Centre is the clock tower of very high cost performance
  • demo.
    Downtown core is worth living.
  • cameran
    A friendly, price is a little bit sorry 4 star, live very comfortable, many foreigners
  • jen590316
    So so
  • ma77995
    Elegant environment, next time, HA-CHAN-a
  • c46919365
    Was very close to Muslim snack Street, just across the road. old hotel, the appearance of renovated, equipped with old, facilities were good.
  • apple110926
    Hotel overall environment also is convenient, after all in Tower location, room somewhat old of feel, is service's need improved, five-star of hotel II star of service, to a paper bags half also not to sent, room also no free of mineral water drink, chain hotel will has free of mineral water sent! may is star hotel reasons's are is interests! was is live two late, room dry, morning up nose are has blood, only for hotel has!
  • anniya9
    OK, good surrounding environment
  • liufen17018
    Hotels are good, is very old!
  • m02805363
    Clean, good service, fast
  • e02239624
    Hotels are upscale hotel, very good location, clean and comfortable, the service is in place, amenities superb, highly recommended
  • firefly1980
    Perfect angle, the ancient city of Xian's most core areas, major travel convenient. House a little bit.
  • birdcc
    Good location, reasonable price, service, and hardware in General.
  • cyy1992
    Really good geographical location, opposite the Muslim snack Street, Bell and drum tower, live view, Tower, night scene is still beautiful, but really are too old, and room lights Dim, overall travel to XI ' an a night bell and drum tower at night can be
  • bluecat1214
    Nearby is the Muslim snack Street, the Bell Tower, drum tower, Xian dishes full of food before, traffic, facilities of the hotel is too old.
  • jameswu5
    Very good location, just next to the town centre is the clock tower, not far from the drum tower, Nice is also very hygienic, breakfast is also very good, the hotel is a bus stop at the door and Metro station, very convenient, and then went to the Bell Tower Hotel, Xian.
  • dream2943
    Staff, location is downtown, supporting infrastructure lag behind
  • muylwu
    Good location, convenient. is near from the Muslim snack Street