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The Bell Tower Hotel (Zhonglou Fandian) lays claim to one of the best locations in Xi'an. Just across from the famed Bell Tower and within easy walking distance of the Xi'an City Walls,  plenty of restaurants,  food vendors and shops,  this is a great place to stay for tourists. This hotel's location makes the Bell Tower Hotel an outstanding choice for visitors wanting to be right in the middle of the action in China's most historic city.[View Detail]

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  • gnne4425
    For too long because the room is broken, a people living in fear at night, no waiter to help with luggage, to borrow an umbrella charge 100 deposit, say four, than the average chain, no toiletries in the House, the room was so small, but for good location, must be selected here.
  • belindayl
    Good location, room was old
  • liuyuanding
    That's good
  • annaballe
    Environment didn't say, downstairs is not five minutes Hui Jie Jie and Bell Tower, hotel accommodation, too, was not satisfied with my husband. room was small, the facility is old and not so clean, pillows uncomfortable, neck ache the next day, one night, decisively changed hotels.
  • ideagot
    A very good environment and convenient transportation, good service
  • fang105601
    Very good, environment, can see the Bell Tower at night. friend like
  • elsa33
    Good location, in the clock tower on the edge from the drum tower, Hui Street and not far from the city walls, the transportation is convenient, it was!
  • lin3007
    At the center of the lot, where convenient. panorama room can see the Bell Tower, that was nice.
  • bubumama
    Very good, can see the Tower!
  • strongbo
    Excellent location, hotel facilities are old and service very good
  • airpanbin
    Are good
  • neallin
    Old shop facilities, good location
  • StevenFu
    Hotels in Bell Tower is very convenient, gatherings of friends, you can also.
  • js2008wjw112
    So, is very old.
  • yir01
    Hotel excellent location, next to the clock tower, and convenient transportation, with parking. Moslem snack street blocks separated by a road, you can taste all kinds of snacks in XI ' an, and specialty. Not far from the walled city, just 15 minutes ' walk, viewing the city wall surrounding scenery, XI ' an, beauty evening walk better, inside the city walls you can rent a bike, easy and fun.
  • e00077217
    Location and hotel services, hotel facilities some of the old.
  • amy_wang1391
    Great location, nice
  • deilei
    Very good location, in the city's most central location next to the clock tower!, very good!
  • ericpan
    Culture and history lays the Bell Tower Hotel's status as a first-class hotel in the city, has a high profile, location, room facilities has not kept up, needs more improvement, air conditioning in the room sound great sleep at night is not available, and hope that next time will be even better!
  • e01622787
    Location good. but obsolete facilities
  • Angelnini
    Real hotel is located in the XI ' an city, live in the panorama room can see the Bell Tower near the South Street, very nice at night, traffic is not particularly quiet!
  • lilywu2008
    Very good location, just next to the Bell Tower, is the big night midnight decoration is really drunk.
  • cctv9909
    Location advantage, because in the clock tower, miscellaneous personnel more services and health are very general, maybe and I booked the cheapest room-related. breakfast is not cheap
  • taotao2
    Very good location ... hotel facilities.
  • miemieya
    Class, to a nearby break very easy. Staff, restaurant staff, chefs are very hospitable people.
  • yangxi520
    Rubbish hotel, the whole damn mosquitoes
  • YongDeu
    Room was small, the General
  • jieer1980
    Hotel location downtown is very good, from the Bell Tower, drum tower, city wall entrance is close to the Muslim snack Street. we view standard room, can see the belfry. impression Clock Tower restaurant the hotel offers 68 Yuan the self-help hot pot, value-for-money Ah! very good. saying Ah, bubble meter home rain, to eat in the morning, in the Western sheep Street. Because sooner or later, in the city centre the hotel is a little noisy, a suitable for tourist accommodation hotels.?
  • allan yang
    Location in the downtown area to facilitate tourist travel
  • sammi131619
    Shi Shu
  • rissa
    Very good, good location
  • lwlwlwlw
    Facilities are old
  • sallyyan2010
    Old four star, did not have to say, from the Muslim snack Street and kaiyuanshangcheng are close, eat, play recently, is the room a bit, value for money is good!
  • apple_cn
    Although the ages ago, but has been modified, is quite novel and room decoration a little older because near the main road, so sound a little noisy at night, but great location is near the floor of XI ' an, convenient, with parking. Bell Tower in front of the hotel, Tower lights lit up at night, very nice. Snacks from Muslim street just across the road from the street, you can taste all kinds of snacks in XI ' an, is excellent. From the Xian Tower is only 10-minute walk to the leftRight Tower watch towers can rent a bicycle, you can ride while watching inside and outside the Tower view, very good. Near the hotel there are many restaurants to choose from, very spacious sidewalks, strolling, walking very convenient.
  • AlexRuc
    Traffic is especially convenient to Muslim street about 5 minutes walk from countless food as long as you like, how can at night can enjoy the night view of the clock tower, Golden glory shrouded in ancient Bell Tower, immediately realized the Millennium of the city of XI ' an inside story
  • flyinvest
    Good old hotel facility too old, TV or 90, there is only one point where
  • e03139105
    Feel good!
  • gx9870
    Room facilities of old but the traffic is very convenient which is the main reason we chose. 15 minutes walk to the Moslem Street out there are bus and Metro.
  • djj4jj
    Really old equipment facilities, rooms are very small, in addition to the geographical advantage, other, 788 during October, I would like to ask, where 788?
    Environment, accessibility, travel has always been the hotel-
  • tony_guo
    It is recommended to set the gym
  • civincilin
    Location was great, night more beautiful! poor facilities, service OK! convenient parking, good food!
  • gsjtx
    XI ' an absolutely central location!
  • superetro
    Which is very nice
    Hotel location just across from the drum tower, very busy, but has a longer history, very clean
  • wuwei1989
    Good-good-very good-that is-next to the clock tower rooms is very old. but what is reassuring ...
    Beautiful night view of the clock tower is one of my favorites, in order to see this, and this place is very convenient for transportation, from the Muslim Street near, eating and having fun are very convenient, recommend to eat. but it is not recommended to sleep light classmates, after all, the street sounds a little.
  • mawenbin400123
    Which is very nice.
  • aili654
    Poor old
  • wutao
    Geographical environment is very good, in front of the hotel is the clock tower, the edge is Muslims Street, no neat Shaanxi snacks you can taste enough. at night and the clock tower closest to the viewing, light care more beautiful