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'Web celebrity' gain and loss in xian

Date: 2019-04-30

Xian, has China's long history and culture city, is in the past two years suddenly greets people with a "web celebrity" image.

The beginning is trill "fell bowl of wine".

For many, "fell bowl of wine" fire puzzling, this mystery until now still can't tell.Young people from far apart, in xi 'an after drink a bowl of low-grade cheap rice wine, heroic throw empty bowl a hard, not far from thousands of broken bowl had piled up.

After 90, they said on more than 1300 kilometers to xi 'an, only broke a bowl.And, should stand in a queue for hours to buy the, ability is qualified and bowl.After the 50 after 60 after 70 and 80 after they are unpredictable.On the trill platform, because the naming of diversity, about the label "fell bowl of wine", once there are a dozen problem label, is that time of the most popular tags.

Like most "web celebrity" of the people and things, but just a year later, no longer "fell bowl of wine" as a topic discussed by people.However, no matter how to say, through the trill and participate in "fell bowl of wine" ceremony of countless young people, the old city was labeled as a "young".

Xi 'an administration of acceptance of these new concepts, much higher than expected.At the request of the leadership, many government agencies, districts, development zones have launched a trill, the manpower and funds to launch, the officials in the circle of friends, the good and bad are intermingled of varying quality trill format short video, even become the important content, more and more people are called xi 'an "trill city".

Official to make xi 'an as the "web celebrity city", the administrative power to further boost the xi 'an from "red" to "more red".From the then party secretary yong-kang wang he bent over to pick up the cigarette butts, to the cigarette after revolution, administrative efficiency revolution;From loosening in policy limit, to threaten people settled in civil servants took to the street, xi 'an, so asb.

Some of the "red" is a necessity.During this period, some "unexpected" events occurred in succession, continuously stimulate the nerve of the people, also makes the xi 'an had more exposure.Take the cigarette butts revolution, people should clearly know "cigarette not fall to the ground" is a slogan, "the ground without a cigarette butt" could never be the inspection standard.But did not, as many government officials found within their respective jurisdictions cigarette have been processing, more and more nervous officials were strained, so they are a lot of energy on the pick up cigarette butts on the job.

Just fine, "surprise" in casual in happened.Xi 'an lotus lake district urban management bureau two workers, threw a pack of cigarette butts on the sidewalk, take pictures to leave, they move by street shops cameras recorded.At that time the national public outcry that public officials deliberately throw cigarette butts "framed" cleaner.Before this, there have been many cleaners who found cigarette butt was fined for inspection.

There is no denying the fact that xi 'an street becomes much more clean than before.But at the same time, the concept of "cigarette" has also been associated with the image of the city closely, is being created countless jokes, because of xi 'an in the process of picking up cigarette butts "too hard" - more than all the people think degree of "hard", xi 'an, trying to become city without cigarette butts, but instead became a city is cigarette labels.

In the field of household registration, from loosening in policy limit to rob people everywhere, also gave birth to many interesting jokes.For the image of the city, outside the official efforts to construct the image of the city, the spontaneous, fun, with a certain from biting or mocking jokes, also in a more profound level construction in xi 'an city's image.